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    Alabama Gun Forum is a place for all Alabama Gun Owners to join and discuss guns, edc, and more with like minded people. Alabama Gun Forum was founded on free liberties and a place to join for FREE to buy and sell firearms. Alabama Gun Forum is owned and operated by an Alabama resident.
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Who And What Of Alabamagunforum

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Feb 6, 2017
Who Are We?
AlabamaGunForum.com is a solely owned and operated website not on facebook, not on mewe or any other social platform create to allow residents to buy and sell guns without anyone banning them or telling them they can't. We are also a place that would like ot be in the same group and have discussions with like-minded people. AlabamaGunForum is owned by one person who live just north of Birmingham Alabama. RandallC is the only owner of AlabamaGunForum and pays for web hosting, designs, domain and maintains the website for future members to join.

What Are We?
This website is called a forum. We chose a forum platform to build the website on because well 1. Alabama didn't have a forum for gun owners or anything gun related. 2. It allows people to freely post and join with the ability to stop spammer or people not even related to the state of Alabama to be blocked. It also allows for easy navigation to certain post you would like to be part of and even allows you to subscribe to the post for when you would like to be e-mailed when new replies are posted.
Not open for further replies.