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Videos From Ecps Uspsa 9/16/17

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Sep 11, 2017
I shot Carry Optics for the first time at the Emerald Coast Practical Shooters match at CORE Shooting Solutions this past Saturday.

I realized on the way to the match that I never truly zeroed the gun. I got it close enough to shoot a plate at 15yds, but never shot it any further than that. After shooting it at paper yesterday, I found that it was printing 3 inches low and 2 inches right at 25yds. I'm pretty sure two of my mikes were a result of the bad zero. The others are all my fault.

This match is one I don't go to very often and I remembered some of the reasons during the match. Stages 1, 2, and 4 were fairly interesting and had some viable options, at least for low cap shooters. About 2/3 of my squad were diligent about helping paste and reset, but the other 1/3 just sat around most of the time. Unfortunately I didn't realize it was happening until the match was almost over. Another problem is the heat on the range. I love the gravel/crushed asphalt in the bays, but the awnings are way back from the shooting area and the ground reflects a lot of light and heat.

As far a my match, I learned a lot. I need to get more familiar with this platform (or whatever platform I decide to stick with in CO), and get used to how the gun/dot behaves during recoil. I started on Stage 3 and tried to shoot this gun like I do my open gun. I learned that I need a lot more visual patience in order to shoot more A's. My A/C ratio was fine for Major PF, but I need more A's when shooting Minor.

Overall, I had a lot of fun shooting a new gun with no expectations and I look forward to learning this new division.