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Forum Upgrades

Thread starter Admin #1


Staff member
Feb 6, 2017
Birmingham Al
Hey All,

I wanted to let you know that the forum as well as theme and add-ons installed are all up to date. The geek side of me is writing this to let you know that we are running Xenforo 1.5.16 as well as the latest for each add-on installed that adds function to the forum.

We will be upgrading to Xenforo 2.x when all addons and themes are able to be updated for even more function as well as adding some extras to the forum at that time.

As always your privacy as well as protecting you online is important to me, this is why we run httpS:// to provide a secure encrypted forum for you to put your details online. As we come into 2018 please take the time to review your passwords and confirm that they are good passwords not just ones you can remember.